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7 Replies to “Assignment”

  1. I agree completely, in the opportunity to learn both directly and indirectly from those we encounter through life… and it would not have ‘miffed’ me to have seen the last line, in that astute list of lessons, read… “And in light of all I know and have learned, surely you understand why I simply want to get the hell away from you… so, tah tah… “

  2. So true! I have a good friend that I knew came into my life for a reason and I am still learning lessons from her. She is in a nursing home and still remembers my face when I visit.

  3. We r all teachers….rather we know it or not. For this reason we must b mindful and “taste our words before we spit them out”. Again, we r all teachers, rather good or bad <3 Kimberly

  4. this one really said it well..sometimes we wonder why somebody would come into our lives and leave just like that…just now i learned something out of it..they came to leave something behind..

  5. I love this reminder – and am often asking myself – what is my motive for having this person in my life and behaving the way I do around them.

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