Important Things To Remember In LIFE

A must remember list in LIFE: Time is not measured by a clock, but by MOMENTS. A home is not a place.  It is a FEELING. Heartbeats are not heard. They are FELT and shared.

a must remember list in life

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3 Replies to “Important Things To Remember In LIFE”

  1. I just ran across your page here. It truly is a work of art and inspiration, and clean humor. I would very much like to receive your posts, so I can share them also on my FB page and with my fam/friends. TY for your time and energy. May God bless you abundantly with much happiness, joy, peace, light and love! ♥

  2. Hi, hello pls share to my facebook your positive thoughts on my account cos its inspired me and i want also to share to my friends…thank u so much…may Godbless us always.

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