It Doesn’t Hurt To Say Sorry

Too often we don’t realize what we have until it’s gone. Too often we’re too stubborn to say, ‘Sorry, I was wrong.’ Too often it seems we hurt the ones closest to our hearts, and we let the most foolish things tear us apart. — Unknown

foolish things

point finger

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  1. Susan Jaster

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  2. What to do when you say something and someone takes it the wrong way.? You apologies and they won’t accept it?

    • Know that their in the head in the moment of judging evaluating ..say I ask the true Divine self to drop this energy from their head into their heart and receive this blessing of love and light that I am sending with every breath they take. .thank you and so it is now visualize a bubble of beautiful emerald green color surrounding them as you send them a Love Feedings with the word P-e-a-c-e. from your breath..

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