The Wisdom of Forgiving

The wisdom of forgiving : It does not mean giving people the license to hurt you over and over again. It is simply an act of releasing the pain others may have caused and remembering never to let them take away your PEACE again. — Dodinsky

the wisdom of forgiving

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  1. Not only can the steal your peace but your Joy!!! Nobody’s gonna steal my peace and joy…. They didn’t give it to me ! They can’t take it away!!!! 🙂

  2. I love this. Can I share it?

  3. I do not give them the license to hurt me, and I tried to forgive, but me barb , I don’t know her anymore, so tired, and this person is cruel, I have no words to express, and I know you are all very positive people, and I don’t want to be such a cry baby……just in a lot of pain………thank you for being here with my inspiring quotes…..I love them, and look forward to them……May GOD bless each and everyone of you…..

  4. Oh this is amazing! I would love to reblog this with your permission. Please let me know if ok with you. Thanks. Betty

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