Humor Is A Beautiful Thing To Have

I have a lot of respect and admiration for people who have gone through so many difficulties and yet their sense of humor is left untouched by adversity.  — Dodinsky


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  1. My pawpaw and my mom have both passed on, and both had an amazing sense of humor. Although they were both dearly loved and missed and taken too soon, and still are years later…we find comfort in remembering the laughter and the fun times and that crazy sense of humor they each had. You can mourn, you can go through hard times, you can struggle, but Lord help you if you forget how to laugh and see the humor in the little things of life!

  2. Sense of humour, without which life will be far more difficult than what one is currently going through. Great therapy!

  3. If you really have a sense of humour, you should be able to laugh at yourself

  4. My sense of humor has sent snarky and cynical at times, due to situations, but hey I love life and try to take the silly side..~

  5. Love spending time with people who don’t allow their problems stop them losing their great sense of humour.

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