I Neglected Myself And My Own Needs

I grieved today for the times I have loved so much that I forgot about myself and my own needs. I grieved today for giving so much and forgetting that I should keep a little bit back just for me. I grieved today for getting so caught up in helping others that I overlooked I needed a little help as well. I grieved today for thinking I could just do it all, denying that I also have my limits. And sometimes having limitations is a holy thing. I just wanna love people in a way that makes me feel loved too. I don’t want to forget myself anymore. —  S.C. Lourie

Man walking at sunset


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Posted on February 26, 2015, in Quotes and tagged , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. your words explain my life to a t. I don’t have children and am recently separated. Its amazing how family and friends think that because of that I can be there for every little thing they need. These are the ones that supposed to love us and yet they take advantage of our lives without thought of care for our needs. What makes things worse for me is I suffer from depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder. These family members and friends don’t seem to consider what I am going through. I strive everyday to not feel bad about saying that one little word….no It should be the biggest word in the dictionary. NO. not that hard to say by myself. Anyway thank you for saying what I feel May you have a happy and joyful life.

  2. I feel the same. Your post describes my situation but I keep making myself available. I feel trapped.

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