You Don’t Have To Prove Anything

The hardest part about wanting something real is trying to convince everybody you’re not crazy for feeling like you deserve it. But then you realize, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. All you have to do is…Be patient enough to make it right. Be committed enough to make it strong. Be honest enough to make it last. Us genuine ones deserve something great, we deserve something authentic. And we reserve the right not to be impressed with the usual. It’s not about being too picky or having unrealistic expectations, it’s about knowing you’ve dealt with enough of the BS and you’ve earned the right to have a preference. Stay true to you, even when nobody gets it. Trust your heart, even when you’re scared. Believe in love, even after you’ve been hurt. Things get better the minute we stop expecting them to be perfect. Timing is everything, so always remember: Some amazing things can happen when you mix patience with hope.Rob Hill Sr.

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  1. @geulit . . B.S is bullshit
    Perfect! I’ve dared to step outside the ‘norm’on many occasions, sometimes with success, other times without. But at least I’ve given it a go.

  2. Amen
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  3. Stunning. There are so many nuggets of gold in the passage. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Merciii 🙂


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  6. Everyone needs money in this world

  7. My hardest thing is knowing I actually deserve it and not someone else. I deserve to be happy – loved – lucky.

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