Stop Living As The Old You

We are all deserving of new beginnings. The routine of being lied to, manipulated, and mistreated gets old. Instead of taking time needed to HEAL again, we usually go from heartbreak to “I give up” mode. This is a fatal mistake. You can change everything about who you are by making the decision to STOP living as the old you, and embrace being a new, better you. When you take the steps toward a new beginning, it is important that you keep your ears open only to people who support your desire to grow. You are either going to go backwards, standstill, or move forward.Rob Hill Sr.

Man walking at sunset

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  1. I like this read it might help.

  2. I liked this subject and the direction you took it in, too.

  3. I love this and IT IS SO TRUE……..hugs to who ever you are and words cant express my gratitude for this site

  4. Michael Sealy

    Delete my email address!!!!


    So true
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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