The Luckiest Day Of Your Life

When you met you were not planning to fall in love, you were not planning to feel so attracted to someone. But when you met you awakened feelings inside yourselves that you had forgotten existed. On the day you met, you did not realise how much your love would grow, that the attraction which first brought you together would reach beyond passion, to the comfort of knowing that you each had someone very special. Someone who would be not only a lover, but also a close friend. When you met you had no idea where your relationship would lead you, or how beautiful you would make each other’s world, but today you know that without a doubt the luckiest day of your lives was the day you met. — Unknown

Man walking at sunset


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  1. This sums how I felt about you. Don’t regret a thing..,, standing in love is a good feeling whether it last or not. In this life it must be experienced.

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  2. Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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