Stop Dwelling On The Bad Things

Stop dwelling on the bad things…because when you stop and look around this life is pretty amazing. — Unknown

Man walking at sunset



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12 Replies to “Stop Dwelling On The Bad Things”

    1. Everybody has negative experiences in your life that doesn’t mean that you can not move forward. A actual person knows when to move forward. Universe just has general rules and a actual person decides what is right for them and it is not the universe.

    2. Love and compassion from another person can help you heal the negative experiences in your life and it is one of the rule of universe only. If actual person wants to move on and seek new luv a positive universe should encourage it.

  1. No body wants to dwell on the past or bad things when they somebody respect others when they walk away from them and allow them to start their life with a new person whom they like.

  2. Negativity from others is the worst in the past. So we walked away from them and life is amazing when those people are not around you.

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