Recognizing What Isn’t Good For You

Learn how to lead your heart; start recognizing when something isn’t good for you and be strong enough to let it go. A person can only waste the time if you give them an opportunity to waste. Stop trying to open doors for people who constantly shut you out. Make sure the interest is shown in the effort, the talk is supported by the actions, and the trust is earned through the consistency. — Robert Hill Sr.

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  1. well i recognized and walked away from the person who is not right for me and I never gave any chance after that but somebody thought it is different means I am not responsible for others thoughts.

  2. people who constantly shuts you out is never suitable for us. who gave them those chances to comeback again and again when walked away knowing that they are not suitable for them.

  3. Reblogged this on emmagc75's Blog and commented:
    Every day I practice this. Being strong and brave enough to let it go. I’m learning how to lead my heart. Most days I am successful and moving on.  On the few days that I focus on the past, I try not to beat myself up.
    I am increasingly more grateful for my husband every day.

  4. Tyra (Random Acts of Snark)

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  5. Positive Outlook have help me think and become a better person. Thank you so much for sharing to me a positive mind.

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