I Learned To Let Go

Everything isn’t meant to last forever. The people you want most in your life are sometimes the people you’re best without. I’ve spent too much of my life trying to create lifetime relationships with seasonal people. I can only blame myself for giving them expectations that I know they couldn’t live up to. I was trying to force something that could never be. I’ve learned that just because someone comes in your life, doesn’t mean they’re meant to stay. Some relationships just have to close without closure. I learned to let go. —  #REHABTIME

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  1. Thanks I so needed to read this

  2. Delilah Praete

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  3. I don’t think that true love can be seasonal! If they genuinely love each other then it can be forever. Some expectations are set very high and it may hurt our relationships but I’m a believer of true love and that bond cannot be broken

  4. One of the best decision is letting go of inhuman person/people from our lives is priceless.

  5. A person who watches calmly when a mother is treated unfairly is very inhuman and letting go that person from our life is priceless

  6. It is sad at times we lose our hearts to people who do not feel the same way. I came to love man who chose to love another along the way. But that was the only love I knew. I couldn’t watch myself cry everyday so I let go. I occasionally think about him, but I reconciled with myself and living a much healthier lifestyle.

  7. To patience ..What if he didnt loved along with another woman …and what if he misses you badly as hell..and loves you now…and what he didnt realise ..and now did..

  8. To live life without expectations of loved ones is not easy. But if you understand that no one is bounded to you, and that nothing is permanent, than you will find that being detached will save you from being in pain. Lots of love . Be well be so very happy.

  9. tell me how to let go… 😦

  10. I dont believe the bond of true love can be broken either…

  11. Tag, I agree with you…

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