Trust That You Will Overcome

It is not easy to live life sometimes. To face the world with a smile when you’re crying inside. It takes a lot of courage to reach down inside yourself, hold on to that strength and know that tomorrow is a new day-with new possibilities. But if you can just hold on long enough to see this through and trust that you can survive this; you’ll come out a new person-stronger and as long as you don’t give up and keep pushing forward, no matter how hopeless things seem, you WILL make it. — Unknown

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  1. Yes, there are people around who have broken your heart. Have hurt you. Have breached your trust. But look carefully. There are some who still love you. Still trust you and are proud on you.
    Yes, there were things which didn’t work. There were moments where life was really harsh. But think carefully. There were moments when things worked the way you wanted. When you were smiling. When life was pleasant.
    Yes, you made mistakes. You felt bad for yourself. But analyze carefully. There were moments when you were proud on yourself. When you followed your heart. When you did what you wanted to.
    So relax. Your past is gone. Shape your future and have fun in present. Life is never the way it supposed to be. But that’s the way it is.
    You are not perfect. No one else is.
    You have flaws. Every one has.
    You have a dark side. Every one has.
    You made a wrong choice. Every one had once a while.
    You failed. Every one has.
    Relax. You are a good human being. You are lovable. You are beautiful. Don’t be so harsh on your life. Love yourself. Because I love you

  2. 🙂

  3. Thanks for this inspirational article. Those who believe that there is always a terminus on every road, to either get off the bus when they realize that they are heading in the wrong direction or continue the journey when they are certain they are headed the right way, always overcome.

  4. john L Cook Jr

    Thanks for your help and support Acts3&Psalm34 Amen Acts17 Amen

  5. Tyra (Random Acts of Snark)

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  6. Surya Adhikari

    When inspiration saves someone’s life,it’s a great contribution for humanity . everybody should try to make other people happy and fell blessed.

  7. Wow, this article is right on the money! I couldn’t have read it at a better time. So much truth in every word and fits like a glove. Thank you!

  8. thank you for this information

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