You Can’t Let People Scare You

You can’t let people scare you. You can’t go your whole life trying to please everyone. You can’t go through life worried about what everyone else is going to think. Whether it’s your hair, clothes, what you have to say, how you feel, what you believe and what you have. You can’t let the judgment of others stop you from BEING YOU. Because if you do, you’re no longer you. You’re someone everyone wants you to be. — Unknown

Man walking at sunset

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  1. True and well said..

  2. We say in Skhism that those who do not accept Death as the first choice can never ever have the chance to LIVE. It is said that a Sikh is always ready to give his life for the right and moral things and is beyond temptations to somehow survive since their Gurus have given their entire life and even the life of their progeny for them. Also Nanak says; “Ek aas rakho mann mahin, Nanak dookh, Dard, Bharam Bhau jayeein” – means – “Place faith and trust in ONE god and all your sorrows. pain, apprehensions and Fears shall vanish”
    Tangential Man!
    Air Veteran!!

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