You Must Learn To Be Kind To Yourself

I grieved today for the times I have loved so much that I forgot about myself and my own needs. I grieved today for giving so much and forgetting that I should keep a little bit back just for me. I grieved today for getting so caught up in helping others that I overlooked I needed a little help as well. I grieved today for thinking I could just do it all, denying that I also have my limits. And sometimes having limitations is a holy thing. I just wanna love people in a way that makes me feel loved too. I don’t want to forget myself anymore. —  S.C. Lourie



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  1. this is good too… kind to yourself…..

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    love this, so true….

  3. Never accept people as they are when you deserve better than those people.

  4. People will come and go and don’t grieve for the people at all.

  5. I don’t want people and never want them in my life at all. You don’t have to grieve for stupid people at all.

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