How Can We Buy From Your Shop?

A lot of people understandably have been asking us how to buy our magnets, mugs etc from Etsy. Some of you do not trust websites you’re not familiar with or simply just don’t have time to register a new account just to buy our keepsakes and gifts.

Well here is our answer: “IT’S SUPER EASY AND SAFE!”

We will teach you below how to do it that won’t take a minute of your time. Also, this will give you access to thousands of artists selling their stuff on Etsy. If you are tired of buying stuff from big companies and would like to support artistic and unique products this place is for you. So here we go….


Go to our website: Thoughts To Inspire — Etsy Shop


Look to the upper right corner of the website. You will see the image below and click on the button REGISTER.

step 1


Etsy allows you to use your existing Facebook or Gmail account or create an entirely NEW account with them. We prefer using Facebook or Gmail because it is super quick. See image below.

step 2


If you use your Facebook account the image below will pop up. This is like any other app just asking permission for this blah and blah. Do not worry it is perfectly safe to do so just click OKAY.  You can always remove the app in the future.

step 3



On this part, Etsy will ask you to enter your own password to their website. You can use your Facebook password etc. something you won’t forget easily.

step 4



FINALLY, just confirm your email. They want to make sure it’s you creating the account.

step 5


The Bundle of Joy is NOW AVAILABLE!


NOTE: If you have any questions, use the contact form on this website to reach us. Will gladly answer your question!


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