Surround Your Life With Positive Thinkers

Sometimes it is necessary to limit or eliminate your contact with certain individuals who bring you more misery than peace and do not reflect or allow you to be the person that you truly are or aspire to become. Instead, surround yourself with positive thinkers who are not always creating drama. Choose people who make your day brighter simply by being around them. Find those whom you admire; you are proud to know;  and who support, motivate and encourage you to grow. — Unknown

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  1. A little hard when the negative person is yur family n you live with them…

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  2. Suzanne Abi Moussa.


  3. When you are not with your family, meet with people who can be a light in the midst of darkness. A Christian church is always a good place to be and you will hear an encouraging word and hopefully meet some smiling people.

  4. I had to detach from people who did not give me the same respect and honesty I showed them. And they were family and close friends. When you realize your life matters too much to keep being hurt, the best thing is to walk away.

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