7 Inspirational Quotes To Keep In Mind When You’re Feeling Down

It is OKAY to feel sadness, anger and even resentment, that’s part of your humanity. No one is exempted from going through these emotions. However, the BEST part of your humanity is your ability to rise above, recognizing that dwelling on them will only get you stuck and lead you to despair even more.

So here are seven powerful quotes that will serve as a reminder for you to always keep moving forward, look at the bright side and not lose sight of what truly matters in life.

endureGet this quotable reminder HERE.
in-solitudeGet this quotable reminder HERE.
love-yourselfGet this quotable reminder HERE.

Get this quotable reminder HERE.
Get this quotable reminder HERE.
the-keyGet this quotable reminder HERE.
tutuGet this quotable reminder HERE.


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