Be With People Who Make You Better

You need to associate with people that inspire you, people that challenge you to rise higher, people that make you better. Don’t waste your valuable time with people that are not adding to your growth. Your destiny is too important.Joel Osteen

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3 Replies to “Be With People Who Make You Better”

  1. I have missed your blog so much and so happy you are back. There are so many positive things you bring to life for all to understand………..Stay with us, you are a Blessing to many…
    Thank you

    Merry Christmas and a Great and Wonderful New Year

  2. Sorry but I don’t buy this one. Maybe adding to the growth of someone else, who may not “deserve your valuable time”, but could benefit from your time is a more human approach. Life isn’t about a race to your destiny. It’s about the destiny of others also.

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