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  1. Love this- saved it- it was like me talking and I’m only 33! I too love the same things as you Laura. Stay happy focussed and motivated to enjoy being who we really are- it’s an awesome place to be and a great journey I agree x thank you for sharing x

  2. Just wait ’till 80… What you said, ‘cubed’! One major difference; when you wake up each day & awareness seeps in you say/think with amazed prayerful gratitude, ” Damn! I’m still here! Yee-hah!!! ” 😉

  3. This is amazing Laura! I felt the same way when I turned 40! Just yesterday I was asked if I could pick any age to stay at what would it be?! 40 for sure! When I turned 40 I remember posting 40 is the new 20! Lol! I know we have lost touch but still love you, our memories etc. Your writings are definitely worth the read!

  4. Thank you for posting this! I feel honored that my writing was shared by you! And thank you all for the kind words!

  5. I LOVE this!!!!! I totally feel that way!

  6. Great read, seemed like it was me talking. The only difference is that it took me 20 years later than 40 to fully realise it. But in all humility, I feel like a free spirit and still feel like I am 40 🙂

  7. Took me until 51 to get that final shift into my own light … but also remember it starting at 40. Beautiful post and it will only get better and better from here.

  8. It took me longer…….but I feel the freedom now!

  9. Bravo…….a great gush of reality…beautifully done!

  10. I loved this. Totally on point. I was planning on writing something along these same lines but yours is perfection!

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