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  1. This is the story I witnessed 3 months ago when my mom passed and my dad list the love of his life. 54 years married. He longs for her with all his heart and soul.

  2. Been there, done that. Only I was 29. And the husband that was in the casket was mine. He was 32. It was the evening of our 6th anniversary. The soul, gut cutting pain is so horrendous, when you look back on it, you wonder how you survived. It’s like drowning…..you keep gulping water, and going under, but you just won’t die. There is no more air. And down you go again. Over and over again. This moment is so private, the moment I thought of someone voyeuristically intruding on something so holy yet so hopelessly painful….it made me cringe. It’s so private. That pain should not be exposed to light. Or anyone that is not invited in.

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