Woman says “disabled people shouldn’t be allowed at movie theater” — Man gives her an epic response

I was waiting in line to buy tickets at a movie theater, and there was a fellow in front of me with cerebral palsy (or MS, or some other horrible thing that puts you in a chair and f*cks up your body).

It was taking a while. I watched this guy struggle to open an envelope by holding it with his teeth and using his one functional hand. I wasn’t sure what to do, or if offering to help would be insulting, so I just chilled. He was doing it before the person in front of him was done with the cashier anyway, and it looked like he’d done this before.He gets up to the counter and it takes him a minute to get out his Regal card and pay for the ticket. The woman behind me started to make (loud) snide remarks about how “People like that shouldn’t be allowed to go to the movies.”

I was enraged. It was a kind of anger I’ve never experienced before. At first I didn’t know what to do. She said something else, and the fellow in front of me paused. At that moment I turned around and said to her:

“We should all be so lucky to wait in this line on our own two feet. Keep your disingenuous thoughts to yourself.”

The woman looked shocked and the guy behind me leaned over to his date and said “Daaaaaaaaamn…” His date was looking at me like she’d just splooshed her pants.

The woman behind me shut her mouth.

It took a moment longer for the guy to get to the counter, but when I got there the girl at the register said I could go to any movie I wanted, that the gentleman in front of me had paid for me and said “thanks.”kindnessIf you’re out there, person with disability, I didn’t do it looking for a reward, I did it because sometimes people are real ass-hats, and no one deserves to experience what you did today. Thanks for the movie ticket, though.

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  1. Good for you, I have a dear friend with MD who Is In The Same condition, I Myself have COPD & Asthma.

  2. Thank you for standing up for him! My son is a Wounded Warrior and struggles greatly every single day with mobility issues. I dare anyone to smart off when I’m around. Mama Bear or not, this isn’t right. Soldier or not, you don’t harm someone who can’t help themselves. Unacceptable. Everyone talks about coming together as a country, this is not a good example of people. I choose to be a helper, encourager or keep my mouth shut. Maybe these insensitive people can do the same next time. 🙂

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