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9 Replies to “Dad hilariously compares a relationship to an underwear when son asked for advice”

  1. Couldn’t have said it better! I have a 20 year old son who knows everything already though, so can’t see him asking his old mom for advice. Maybe his dad will come up with something as novel and meaningful as you did aka congrats on a job well done (and I say that with a big smile and with love) LOL

  2. “None of us know when or where we might ultimately find underwear with the right fit, but we keep trying with yet another new pair if an old pair fails.”

    – and while you’re recycling yours, are in fact trading your previously worn pair someone else’s already broken in but found soiled, same. An bit funny, moreso depressing. Optimist or pessimist be, reality is that ‘in practice’ continuing ‘test drive’ one model aft another – lack of commitment – without question ‘why’ a divorce rate that is conservatively referenced 50% is likely closer 80%-90% US, wash, rinse, repeat cycle ad nauseam.

    Aye, there’s the rub.

    It’s the ‘keep trading’ mentality’ in lieu ‘be happy with what you have’, ME > WE mindset; takes too much effort & self-control in lieu self-LESSness make it work. Takes effort, resolve & setting aside ‘I’ for ‘we’ – it takes two, to be precise. Before any that, is result not having taken sufficient time/developed discernment enough not to create a mess made for two – and more (children & future spouses/children beyond, result an ‘escape clause’ called ‘I’ want what ‘I’ want ‘NOW.’

    Over-aggrandizement ‘the self’ epitomizes the tack. Why entities such as ‘Men Going Their Own Way’ have come to the fore, ditto diametric opposite ‘feminism’, each wondering why the other believes as they do. Am not a member either personally, but note the bitterness and righteous indignation each, a sense of injustice, merited or not. Truth lies – poor choice of word – ‘exists’ in both cases, likely, no gender heroes here.

    Find a ‘way’, not a ‘way out’. Now go out and make it a GREAT relationship, as day.

  3. Sometimes humor is the best medicine. Great advice. Take life as it comes. The perfect fit may not be obvious, but its out there.

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