Father injects 5yo son with HIV to avoid child support payments, he survives

When he was 5yo, Brryan Jackson, doctors were expecting he wouldn’t be alive  to celebrate his 6th birthday. They were certain about it, after he all he was diagnosed with HIV.

That was in 1992.

brryan and mom
Brryan and his mom

Today, he is an internationally recognized motivational speaker.

26 years ago, When Brryan’s parents were on the brink of divorce, his father was “concerned” about the regular child support payments he would have to give to his soon to be ex-wife. In the beginning, they were a happy family. He told BBC, “When I was first born my father was really excited, but everything changed when he went away for Operation Desert Storm. He came back from Saudi Arabia with a completely different attitude towards me.”

He started questioning if Brryan was indeed his son, he asked his then wife to do a DNA test to ascertain the paternity. He became abusive, both verbal and physical. When the separation became final, the argument over financial support for his son became very heated. He refused to pay and would make threatening comments about their son’s life.

Soon after, Brryan’s father found work in a laboratory that deals with blood specimens, he illegally brings some of them home which the police later found out.

One day, 5yo Brryan had asthma, he had to be taken to a hospital. It was then that his evil father came into his room and heartlessly injected his son with an infected needle and sentenced him with an HIV.

“He was hoping I would die off so he wouldn’t have to pay child support,” Brryan said

What followed became a nightmare for Brryan and his mom, his smile slowly disappearing and his little body begins to weaken. For years, his mom would bring him to hospitals looking for answers, HIV farthest from her mind.

Doctors were baffled, and out of desperation they gave Brryan an HIV test. It was positive. He was given five months to live.

Brryan, today

These are Brryan’s own words regarding his difficult journey.

“Believing they had done everything possible, physicians offered no hope to my family and expected me to die within 5 months after coding twice. Miraculously, I defied the odds and lived on to represent a story of courage, perseverance, forgiveness, and faith.”

“Facing incredible health and social challenges, my life has been a continual battle, yet I strive to be a catalyst for offering relatable, accurate conversations along with humor to educate the world on HIV and mental health, inspire others to overcome adversity and empower them to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. I want every audience to realize that no struggle is too big for hope to conquer and forgiveness changes lives, we just have to shift the perspective and make a choice -Victim? Or VICTORY!

To find out what’s latest about Brryan, follow his website. He is also on Twitter.

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  1. I pray God heals him.. what kind of monster would do this to a child?
    I have heard testimonies of others who were healed.. so I hope he will be also.

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