Moms share videos of their kids’ adorable bonding every day after school


Siblings are like friends you didn’t have to ask for, and they’re with you for life. Sometimes you hate them, sometimes you love them — but no matter what you do, admit it — you just can’t live without them.

Since you grew up with your brother or sister, they know you more than anyone. You tell your siblings things that you wouldn’t normally share with your parents.¬†Although siblings don’t always get along, they will always have a bond that no time and no distance could ever break.


Just like any other siblings, three-year-old Ava and her five-year-old brother Tariq also fight about silly things. But watch what Ava does every single day as her older brother comes home from school:

In case that wasn’t enough to show how pure sibling love is, this little girl also welcomes her older brother home everyday in the most adorable way — regardless of the weather! To make it even more heartwarming, her protective brother makes sure that she’s safe from the bus.

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