Woman walks massive black stallion around neighborhood like no big deal


Incredibly strong and gentle, horses have been one of the most noble human companions through hundreds of years. Aside from their strength, horses are beautiful and majestic as well. And among the most beautiful horses in the world is Apollo. h/t: facebook.com/ApolloFriesianStallion Apollo is a Ster Friesian Stallion who isn’t only breathtaking to watch — he

Science says: Intelligent people sleep late, leave a mess everywhere, and swear a lot


Our society has been setting standards of what’s proper and what’s not on almost any given topic — marriage, religion, school, work, and the list goes on. Swearing, going to bed late, and being disorganized are just some of the many things most people typically disapprove of. However, if you do any of those three things, rejoice!