Woman walks massive black stallion around neighborhood like no big deal


Incredibly strong and gentle, horses have been one of the most noble human companions through hundreds of years.

Aside from their strength, horses are beautiful and majestic as well. And among the most beautiful horses in the world is Apollo.

22365670_1383227255123362_1023618138725854183_nh/t: facebook.com/ApolloFriesianStallion

Apollo is a Ster Friesian Stallion who isn’t only breathtaking to watch — he is an award-winning stallion. According to Royal Groves Stables, “Apollo was awarded KFPS Ster Stallion and Grand Champion in Driving in Holland. He was awarded FHS Grand Champion for in-hand and driving in US and Canada.”

facebook.comApolloFriesianStallionh/t: facebook.com/ApolloFriesianStallion

h/t: facebook.comApolloFriesianStallion

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Friesian stallions are rare and can be extremely expensive. Apollo used to accept breeding contracts to preserve the Friesian stallions all over the world.

998527_414334582012639_1074352769_nh/t: facebook.comApolloFriesianStallion

Having a spectacular color of brilliant shiny blue-black with dapples, Apollo is truly a wonderful sight to behold.

h/t: facebook.comApolloFriesianStallion

377647_286069321505833_54503212_nh/t: facebook.comApolloFriesianStallion

A video of Apollo walking with his owner, Carol Whitaker went viral in 2013. The video showing how grateful and elegant this Friesian stallion is will leave you astonished:

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