5 Replies to “What is an extreme NARCISSIST and what makes a person marry one?”

  1. Positive outlook, I have a problem with u our site. Each time I read your blig, I have to turn to the next page to finish. It is blocked by a
    Sight Malious. It will not move unless I force it to p r oceed anyway. WHICH i do.. But it warns of virus. I don’t want to infect my phone with a
    virus. I love this b log. Can this be fixed? PLEASE HELP ME..

  2. I have been married to a narcissist but do not fit the description of the spouse in this article.too hard and private to discuss on internet………too hard meaning to lengthy. Wishing you all the best!

  3. Oh, how I did not like to read this, but you said what I wished I good have heard many years ago! I was in this kind of relationship and almost all you said was true of me…….but, I am healed, restored, I have moved on and true love was found! 🌹I trust you will keep letting people know and try to understand this hard truth. Blessings and joy in all you do to help others in this web of despair, and I pray that you can also lead many to the flower garden of hope and healing. 🌸M

  4. No matter how the author tried to cover the fact that she was speaking of President Trump and his wife, Melania, I really do not appreciate her using them as an example. I am surprised at you, Positive Outlooks, for allowing this to slip through. “Examples of two narcissists together can be found in the coupling…or the marriage of a powerful head of state with a former model.” I am really disappointed in you, Positive Outlooks. Whether or not you agree, disagree, voted for, or voted against our present President, that does not give you or the author license to attack his wife. Attack him, attack his policies, whatever, but please leave the wife out of it. She is not a public servant, as he is. She receives no remuneration for tasks allotted to her, as he does. She does not deserve this unkind treatment.

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