4 Replies to “Seven Signs You’re In A Relationship With A Narcissist”

  1. After a divorce from a 32 year old relationship, I have recently entered the dating world again after a year of healing and recovery. In doing so, I have begun to unearth treasures from my personality (ie. sense of adventure, sense of humor) that had long been buried underneath years of toxicity, manipulation and control. I can’t say definitively that this article was 100% applicable to my situation, but I can say that I definitely think you are on to something. I’m just thankful that the old me was still alive underneath it all and not dead, but rather dormant. Welcome to the new old me!

  2. Was married to one for nearly 30 years until I finally realised who he was and what he is! He gave me the greatest blessing and gift in my life, I got me back! And I’m keeping “me” for the rest of my life!

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