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3 Replies to “3 great lessons you can learn from negative things people say about you”

  1. Reading this on my iPhone. I found it very helpful although a little long. Then I realised it’s because I can be impatient. So that’s probably my problem. Thank you for sharing this. 😀😀😀😀e

  2. Thank you for a great post, it is a great reminder that criticism does have a place in our lives, even if it is a painful one. I had an incident this week where someone suggested I needed a personality transplant – as a people pleaser it was hard, but somehow the words didn’t hurt as much. When I took time to see my response, it was because he had suggested something that was completely against my core belief.. (your tall example) this took the sting out of it.

    Thank you for your wisdom, it has helped me.

    I am also learning to ask myself what I need when I am attacked. What do I need to do that will help me to handle this suffering. Sometimes it is soothing activities that give me a sense of tender lovingkindness.

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