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  1. Today’s quote, Throw Away quotes was perfect for me today…I am starting out fresh today with a new outlook on life, and getting rid of all the old garbage!!!

  2. My tattoos! Love em!!!!!!!!

  3. There is no better way to start the day than with a positive thought. I will be looking forward to your thoughts each morning. Happy day everyone.

  4. Please add me to your email list.

  5. We all meed positve thoughts to help us get through the day

  6. Love this…

  7. Dee Nikolaidis

    Excellent site. Truly evokes some thoughts or feelings in a very positive light. Thank you !

  8. LOVE this blog! Such a necessary reminder that the world contains love and joy!

  9. Please unsubscribe me. I thought I would get emails and could pick and choose what went on Facebook. This is not the case. All quotes are not pertinent to me.

  10. sharyl kittilson

    I need to be cancelled from this site Have no idea how it appeared in the first place. Thank you for not allowing this to continue

  11. I have learned our Universe is immerse in Love and Growth.
    Thanks for receiving the task to promote them.

  12. Did you know life isn’t positive all the time & these La La words are just that – meaningless words

  13. I need for u to change my negotiations from 3 to 1. I receive 3 notifications of the same thing.and obviously manage acct is not working for me

  14. Please, add me to your e/m list, (if it is free. :))) thank You!

  15. I cannot begin to thank you for your blog and “sayings”. I have been using them as strength during a major career and life change decision and the process throughout. Thanks to whoever does this – their strength (albeit in the cloud) has helped me more than you know. THANKS

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