Abused siblings were about to be split up — Judge’s tears flow when couple adopts them all

Four siblings from Kansas had a rough childhood when they were abused and neglected by their biological parents. For all the years that they endured the abuse, they gained strength from each other. Now that they are in the custody of the state, they knew that it was possible that they will go in separate

Stranger on airplane adopts woman’s newborn son after chance encounter: ‘They Were Meant for Each Other’

Two women first met in a flight to North Carolina. Little did they know that it is an encounter of a lifetime. Samantha Snipes got pregnant with the child of her abusive ex-boyfriend. In a lengthy blog post in Love What Matters, she revealed what happened to her in 2016 when she was just 24

Girl bursts into tears when foster mom gives her the news she’s been longing for

When you ask children about what they want, their answers are usually predictable: things like toys, computer games, and gadgets are just some of the typical stuff children want to have. But for the little girl Shailee, she wants something else – she just wants to be adopted. Jeremiah and Jessica Frank from Arizona are happily