Mother gives birth to 13.5-pound giant baby as big as a toddler

All parents, moms especially, are excited to give birth to their newborns, but what if that bundle of joy weighs 13.5 pounds and is like the size of a toddler. h/t: When Christine and Larry Corbitt found out that they were having a baby, they were overjoyed! Already raising four children, the thought of adding

Man’s act of kindness on plane goes viral after grateful mom shares story

One of the situations that any mom would not want to be in is trying to calm down her kids during flight. It is an unavoidable event for a mom of young kids. Earlier this month, Jessica Redeen was flying from Kansas City to Charlotte with her three-year-old daughter and four-month-old son. Two toddlers for

Complete hair loss didn’t stop this 7-year-old girl from winning her school’s crazy hair day

Everyone will be devastated when a pretty young girl suddenly lost her locks. For most girls, their hair is like a crown they wore on their heads. That is exactly what this young girl did when her school held its “crazy hair day”. Her loving mom does not want her to feel left out and

Judge tears up when 4 abused kids got their ‘perfect’ ending

Four siblings from Kansas had a rough childhood when they were abused and neglected by their biological parents. For all the years that they endured the abuse, they gained strength from each other. Now that they are in the custody of the state, they knew that it was possible that they will go in separate