Man puts up hilarious road signs to make passersby smile, has become an unlikely tourist attraction

When you’re traveling through Highway 285 in Indian Hills Community in Colorado, a teal green road sign greets you with its witty punny word plays. It’s not only a breath or in this case a sight, of fresh air from a hearty laugh but also an entertaining conversation starter on a road trip. The Jefferson

Clever old lady goes to the bank with a bag of cash, hilariously leaves with even more!

I’ve heard about this joke many times before and it still gives me a few giggles. I’ve shared it often with friends and family, usually getting the same reaction as I did. Once in awhile someone finds it offensive, maybe like 1 out of 100,000, so if you are that one with delicate sensibilities, please

When you get “bitten”, do not become a zombie yourself

This soul-shutting-down tendency reminds me of those classic zombie horror movies. You know, those unconscious, soulless zombies walking around in darkness, taking bites out of innocent, happy, soulful people? One chomp, then, suddenly, these newly bitten folks find themselves becoming zombie-like themselves—they feel their souls shut down; they crave spending time in darkness; they want