This grandma accidentally invited a teenager to Thanksgiving in 2016, now it’s a tradition

Jamal Hinton shares his excitement as he posts Instagram photos from the past two Thanksgiving dinners with Wanda Dench. It looks like the two then-strangers are looking forward to celebrate it again together this year. Invited By Accident This cute Thanksgiving story began in 2016 when Dench accidentally sent a text message to Hinton. A grandmother

Football players helped grandma who was frantically beating car window with a hammer

Do you believe that there’s no such thing as coincidences? Do you believe that nothing is random — that every person’s action is somehow connected to another person in some way we are not aware of? Take for instance, what happened to the football players of the Missouri Western Griffons named Jack Long and Shane

90-yr-old grandma transforms small village into her own art gallery by painting flowers on all the houses

Many people cannot wait to retire to get some well-earned rest. Some people even want to get an early retirement. And why not? The idea of being able to finally loosen up at home doesn’t exactly sound like a bad idea. After years of working, it just seems fair to reward yourself with relaxation, right?