Couples who sleep together live longer and other incredible benefits

A recent survey shows that couples who sleep together live longer and healthier. This proves that sleeping with a partner is better and has incredible benefits to you. It is believed that you calm down when you are sleeping next to someone you are comfortable with like your partner, child, or a family member. Your blood pressure is

Numerous studies discover that Vitamin D might lower cancer risks

For decades now, experts and scientists all over the world have been exerting their efforts in finding the cure for cancer. Unfortunately, even after years of research, up to now, there’s still no absolute cure for cancer — the dreaded disease, is treatable, though. Since we haven’t found a cure for cancer yet, the best

This tattoo changes colors as your blood sugar levels change, currently being studied

Diabetes is a serious disease which affects millions of people all over the world. It happens when you have high blood sugar levels because your body can’t use the sugar (or glucose) you have in your system properly. According to a report released by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in July 2017, more than 100