How teen girl bullied for her weight loses 138-lbs and makes stunning transformation

Some people hide behind their shell as a result of tremendous bullying, but we know one particular teenager who was brave enough to come out of her hiding and overcome the challenges of losing weight. Josephine Desgrand is a 17-year old girl from Queensland, Australia. If you’ve ever been overweight, you probably know how much

I truly believe, the one meant for you will never make you feel like you are not good enough

Once in your life, I truly believe, you will find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that

His son needed help after failing a math test, stranger sat beside him to help

Some people don’t like math because many of us had experienced grueling math problems when we were in school. It is something we want to avoid. Though some have resorted to enrolling in online college classes to brush up their math skills, in this story, the father is trying to relearn his grade school math