Girl with dwarfism who always wanted to meet Belle ends up in tears

Disney World has been making dreams of young boys and girls come true for many years. It is every child’s dream to visit Disneyland and meet beloved characters like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Cinderella, and Belle. A sweet girl also dreamt of meeting her favorite Disney princess at least once. Sweet, little Daisy was diagnosed with

Some hospitals are looking for volunteers to cuddle drug-addicted babies

Pixabay | Engin_Akyurt Volunteers to help drug addicted babies to help them ease their withdrawal symptoms and recover faster with less medication are wanted in the US. Several neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) in the United States have a crucial part of their treatment plan for babies and they need more arms for it. Hospitals are

Story of the ‘female Schindler’ who saved 2,500 children and wishing she’d rescued more

The Second World War is an inexhaustible source of heroic stories. Simple acts of kindness have reached great lengths. The deadliest war gave rise to Irena Sendler, a Polish nurse whose act of selfishness saved thousands of lives. Irena’s pursuit in medicine was inspired by her father’s work. Unfortunately, her father died when she was

13 truckers came together to prevent man from committing suicide

Michigan police prevented a tragic accident from jumping to his death early Tuesday morning by lining up 13 semi-trucks under the bridge. The startling photo of more than a dozen trucks parked side-by-side below the overpass on Interstate 696 went viral this week. At first glance, it was thought that the trucks are causing traffic

How To Improve Your Life

There are only two ways your life can improve… Either everyone else changes how they treat you, or YOU change how you react to them. — James R. Quinn   Check out our NEWEST inspirational video. Click on image below!